Friday, October 29, 2010
Of Ini Vidiyo Saya and Aziz Hazmi
People should not make public review on things they made, neither should I. Mind, this is not a review. Just some blabber I hope to end up being something clever - about a thing I made few months ago.

So 'Ini Vidiyo Saya' has gained more than ten thousand views in a week.

It is big for me. I mean big, big.

I can still remember when I made 'Kolaj' exactly a year ago, and how difficult it was to get people to view the video. It was a mere experiment, a trial and error. I had fun making fun of myself and of course, of people I love. So looking at how personal and with empirical style 'Kolaj' was created, I didn't really look at the number of views the video had over the time it has been published.

But I am happy to see some people get the honesty 'Kolaj' tried to offer and the sort of (fun) experience me and my good friends wanted to share with. That were what we've got anyway: some time to have fun, a camera and a lot of honesty.

A year later, 'Kolaj' gained over one thousand views. I am not really into the number of views a video gets, but I look at how deep it can go into people's hearts.

Writing 'Ini Vidiyo Saya' was as fun as writing 'Kolaj'. Only the different is that 'Ini Vidiyo Saya' was written for a girl, and I had to be off the camera and everything was artificial. But the substance - the fun, the twee (sort of) and above all, the honesty - were all similar.

I guess the idea of 'Ini Vidiyo Saya' was in thousands of people's mind for a long time, but it has gotten into mine exactly a month ago - and I had a camera and a talented friend to turn it into a video. Like 'Kolaj', the idea came about over a glass of tea, a plate of nasi goreng daging merah (nasi lebih) and a plate of telur dadar. I thought it would be fun to make a video about some random people who made big on the internet and I started talking about the idea with Aziz Hazmi, whom later starred in the video.

Aziz Hazmi was such a sport and his character was more than fitting to the one I had in mind. I introduced him to Hanis Zalikha's blog few months before that and he fell for the blog the first time he read it. He was having a laugh when he was talking about meeting Hanis Zalikha and I talked about the video and the prospect of actually getting Hanis Zalikha's attention.

Anyway who is Hanis Zalikha? I was not really asking a question, of course. She has been everywhere on the internet, and her blog has been and still doing well, thanks for her charming way of writing or for some people, for simply the way she looks. She has a huge fan base and I've been looking at how unconvincing and somewhat redundant people (especially boys, with facial hair or not) have been dropping comments on her page but never really got her attention.

That's when I told Aziz Hazmi about the idea. He was so excited and could not wait to get started. So the feeling was natural and it was easier for both of us to make the video.

Aziz Hazmi was having a slow drive in his acting career and I thought I could give him a huge leap, a big break to steer his career to another level.

I spent two days writing the script, two hours shooting and another week editing and (sigh) two days uploading the video on YouTube.

A week after, ten thousand views and the video was featured on Hanis Zalikha's blog.

Aziz Hazmi is now having fun trading comments with his fans on his fan page, and few hours ago, his prayers were answered when he was shortlisted to be admitted to ASWARA, the nation's premier performing arts academy.

He deserves all these, for all the misadventure he had, and for all the adversity he smoothly shrugged off. Good people deserve good things, and I am happy for him.

I wish him well - good luck and take care man.

And of course, have a fun ride.

And for you, if you've watched the video, and liked the video - many thanks from me.

And as for me, I feel grateful for the time people spend watching the video and for the time God spends looking after me.

I hope I can come up with more.

But first, I have to get the air conditioning fixed in my room. The room and myself are having a heat wave and my arms keep sticking to my desk.

P.S. I should get a Moleskine after that. I've been running out of printer papers to scribble on. I need a Moleskine, yes that seems like it.

P.P.S. My to-do-list is scary for some people, especially when it randomly involves Laetitia Casta.

P.P.P.S. 'Ini Vidiyo Saya' got itself a post in Hanis Zalikha's blog.

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