Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Manchester Games 2009. Photo courtesy of Atiyyah. 

That was me trying to kick racism, politics, violence, hatred, disrespect and hostility out of football. Have you tried?

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Friday, February 20, 2009
Breakfast With Natalie Megson

Awak pilih, lebih banyak menulis atau lebih banyak membaca? 

Kalau tidak membaca, macam mana mahu menulis? Jaga, modal awak makin kurang, tak terfikir mahu top-up? Makin lama saya baca tulisan awak, makin tidak berminat saya jadinya. 

Okay, mungkin saya salah, kurang faham isi hati penulis macam awak. 

Tapi sayang, jangan lah habiskan banyak masa menulis sampai kurang masa membaca.  

I am not mad because of your stupidity. I am mad because you choose to stay stupid.

Awak, jangan lah menangis, jangan buat saya rasa bersalah! 

Memang lah, kita semua kan dahulunya clinging form. Tak payah lah malu-malu mengaku kita hina. 

Dan beragak lah kalau awak rasa peristiwa 10 August itu tidak relevan. Jangan takut sayang, let me hug you, just the way Gabby did during the night of the sacred love and I shall whisper that amorous word of love for few times before you repeat after me.

Let me squeeze you in tight embrace. And let us see the reason behind all that.

Are you okay, sayang? I still love your writing okay. 

Finish your muffin now, I am already late for work. 

I am not paying this time.

Oh by the way, kenalkan kawan baru saya, Salman Rushdie.

I call him Abang Man. Don't call him Sal, he will be angry. Very angry that he will kill you using his typewriter. 

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Thursday, February 05, 2009
Lunch With Mary Jane

Orang cakap kalau nak tulis blog kena ada USP, Unique Selling Point. 

I cakap you ambil Unique Selling Point you, you baling dalam sungai.

Okay lah I salah. 

You ambil Unique Selling Point you, you sumbat dalam lubang punggung you sendiri.

You tulis sahaja lah apa ada dalam kepala, jadi diri sendiri. Itu unique. Fikir apa lagi.

Hey bila masa pula I cakap I unique? Bila masa pula I ada blog, love?

Blog bukan untuk cari makan okay, bukan untuk cari lubang, bukan untuk tunjuk konek you besar batang pisang. Tak kuasa lah. Hey you dengar tak? Alah buat-buat makan ice-cream pula. Listen okay.

Habis untuk apa you tanya? I know you know the answer.

A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to. Tak percaya tanya Banksy.

Sorry lah kalau terkasar bahasa okay, love. Alah you pun selalu mencarut juga kan. Tapi bawah kelambu lah. 

Okay lah I salah lagi.

Bawah telur you lah.

Anyway bosan lah borak dengan you. Borak dengan Alexandre Dumas lagi best. 

And anyway, I don't like your taste in wine.

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Monday, February 02, 2009
Of RM2m, Awang and the Future

Selangor state government are ready to splurge some total of two million ringgit worth of scholarship to sponsor state players for overseas training and further studies.


If it goes well, maybe that two million ringgit could be raised up a little for that little boy in Serdang, that lad in Seri Kembangan, that kid in Hulu Selangor and thousands others undiscovered talents all over the state.

I hope other state governments will follow suit and let us groom our players - not only with handsome jersey and glamorous boots, but with brains on and off the field as well.

Do not let the talents go to waste. Zoom, room and groom and they shall make us all proud.

Kudos in advance.

And hey, someone is missing the now-in-exile awang imports. Only now.

I wonder what he was thinking then.

And another hey, I think Robert Alberts should spearhead FAM. I think he loves Malaysian football more than Malaysians do.

Oh okay, with Shebby as assistant.

If so Shebby, please don't get KJ anywhere near.

Just a little postscript, the links are all in Malay, a language spoken by the Malay people and people of other ethnic groups who reside in Peninsular Malaysia, southern Thailand, Singapore, central eastern Sumatra, the Riau Islands and parts of the coast of Borneo (Source: Wikipedia). The language is getting old, but never too old for you and me to appreciate.

Anyway thousand miles away from home, Fernando Torres sent a very subtle message to the world, Wigan are better than Chelsea. Two goals better.

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