Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Bukit Changgang & Kuala Kangsar - A Contrary
I am supposed to do some research about the novel I read and instead of doing it, I grabbed Ridhu's laptop and do the thing I didn't have time to do it, get on the net. Medicine + Literature, what a ridiculous connection . Well, this morning, there are things worth transcribing as I read my friend's blog on this issue. What a graphic expression of him on how he regrets being around smart but filthy kiasu asses. I have to say that I second him in every way.

P.S. Medicine + Kiasu Asses. What a fine connection, isn't it?
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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Reds stripped Blues

Yeah. The Reds did it big time. Thanks to the two hobbits in Cutie Kuyt and Jingly Pennant. And to make things all sweeter than ever, the win would be a horrendous indication to Man ‘Yankees’ United and C ‘Hell’ Sea that The Kop is on their way to the title race. With 14 games to go, we are surely all tuned up and ready to have a good look at the silverware. Thank you thank you and more thank you to Jamie Carra for being a great wall and wonderful guardian of the backline. His performance today gave a fair reminiscence of the Liverpool's first ever captain, Ephraim Longworth, who was as hard as diamond in cutting off anyone’s attack. As Mourinho was busy doing the talking, Rafa chose to do the walking and as anyone would expect, he wasn’t walk alone. Full whistle, Liverpool won the battle and looking forward to paint the war red.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007
It's the 50th post of the blog. And only at this point that I noticed that I have never posted anything with pictures attached. They say picture speaks a thousand words and being a good listener I am, I try to post something graphic to this blog for you guys to decipher the thousand words. I used to have a plethora of interests on designing my website with glitter and eye-catching graphic - but I guess that season is over. Now I only need a place where I can just have text for you guys to read, not pictures for you guys to masturbate. And to take me back to the time when art and graphic were my god, I think this piece can be a good reminiscence and fairly a kinky way to wish a Happy 50th post!

all rights reserved™

P.S. Wonderful art isn't it? Anyway, that's my second wife. My first wife is Liverpool FC. On a serious note, this year marks the 50 years of Malaysia independence and on a totally unrelated note, Osama Laden turns 50 this year.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

I had a very long holiday which started on the 7th of December and ends on the 8th of January. That's like, what, 4 weeks? To make my holiday somehow sweeter, I only have 2 assignments to finish and one of them can be done in only about 3-4 hours. One good thing about being in the first semester is that I won’t be needed to write any thousands words essay and for now and the closest thing is almost certainly scripting lab reports. So, being left with two so-called simple works, I did the only thing one is expected to do in this quandary, which was to procrastinate. That was about a month ago.

And now, my holiday has only 2 days left and I guess I better stop procrastinate and start to reach out for my assignments which is still there fermenting on the table since I got back from the dark-end Banting. And I guess it is a typical symptom of holiday-end – fair enough, I’m as usual in total menggelabah mode doing assignments and at koleq we called it ‘menggagau’.

Anyway, I will get my semester result in 3 days time. My soon-withdrawal from the blogosphere would in all probability due to the catastrophic tsunami-like semester result of mine. Blame pure maths.

P.S. Quoted from Albert Einstein, I don't believe in mathematics, and being such a loyal believer of him after he made me stunned over his famous relativity theory and theory of everything, I undoubtedly second him.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Próspero Año Nuevo

Ah, it’s New Year again and I couldn’t be more upset for not being able to update this piece on January 1st as I visited Kedah for Aidil Adha for a week. Truth be told, I am not big on rejoicing the New Year euphoria since misai and janggut been scattered all over my easily-inflamed a.k.a pimpled face. A year come and goes just like that and I believe that January 1st is the point when we could take a little tiny minute of our time to ponder what the yesteryear shapes us as a human being. And as for me, my yesteryear was horribly unusual. I got my SPM result which needs no further description, and then I applied for scholarship, which again needs no further explanation, followed by my enrolment in so-called most vigorous yet demanding pre-U program, and making new friends in the process, and it all happened in only 12 long months. How’s that for a transitional period of infancy and maturity.

I laughed at how I fumbled on the first day of the eerie period. I was stuck in strange anxiousness, and everything seems new to me and I started to talk like a orang asli trying to speak Japanese, naïve. And that’s the world I’m in after years in the orde-kosmos-like Malay College and the world is actually humongous and it is waiting for me to discover it. And I guess 2006 happened to be the year when I actually having a sense to adjusting my world view and discover new things along with taking a good look in certain things with so many god-damn things circling over my mind with interest to share with others.

And I guess that is growing up – where we would see things we wont ever think of imagining when we were an innocent little kid. It is the time when I could obviously and clearly see that the world we live right now is not as sweet as we dream of. It is the nastiest place ever and it is really sick and seriously in need to be fixed. And it is also the time when I realized that the world we live in can never be a fair place where corruption, discrimination and hatred are in reign. And on a totally non-philosophical thought note, it is the time when I realized that Liverpool is a team that needs a team comprises of 11 Diego Maradona or team consists of 11 Pele to beat. I guess, that was 2006 for me – as I will continually seeks a fine balance between pampering myself in philosophical judgment and leading a normal life as a Malaysian youngster who seek in football and reading for ultimate ecstasy in years to come.

And what’s 2007 that I would very much expecting? Well, I just hope that 2007 will become a year when we can all love each other as human beings and think of love, compassion and peace at every beat of our heart. And my New Year resolution? I never fancy making up one. But I’ve always wanted to have mark schemes of every exam papers I will sit for. Hehe.

Enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year guys, and may be best of this year be the worst of next.

P.S. May Liverpool will be blessed with goals, goals and more goals. May our 27 home-winning streaks wont be broken. May Crouch and Kuyt will continue their scoring touch. May Barcelona will be having a hard time losing to The Kop in UCL Last Sixteen turmoil. May The Kop once again lift the European crown. And you’ve always know it that you’ll never walk alone and I will always love you until there is no movement of the moon and stars.

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