Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Dua tahun kerja berat!

(title) - quoted from P.Ramlee in his film, Labu dan Labi

Senarai Izham Ismail dalam mencapai misi cemerlang gemilang terbilang
(not in order of preference or hatred)

  1. Business and Management Internal Assessment
  2. Group 4 Chemistry
  3. Group 4 Biology
  4. Biology Extended Essay
  5. World Literature
  6. CAS Reports
  7. Semester 3 Exam

P.S. God, give me strength. May all these won’t affect my libido.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Wah Wah San Bukan Sekadar Wah Wah

We are getting better in outlining visions. When the Malaysia Ideal 2020 Vision seems to be quite blurry, came 2057 idea, envisioned by Pak Lah recently.

2020, 2057, and what’s next? An absurd kinda pattern I can say which cease to an end and the numbers seem to increase in the series.

"The ultimate objective that we should aim for is a Malaysia that is a fully developed country by the year 2020,"

That was what Dr. Mahathir coined at the Malaysian Business Council when he first resonated to us his 2020 Vision.

“This is the Malaysia in my dreams for 2057. One hundred years of independence, one hundred years of advancement,”

And that was how Pak Lah replied, realizing he only has 13 more years to materialize the dream we built. Are we lost on our way to 2020? Why we bother to have another set of vision for us to look forward to when we have a good nice ride and focus we have been fixing to all this while? Is this how they are trying to tell us that we have failed to meet our 2020 Vison?

My humble two cents, I think Vision 2020 is another testimony that Malaysians take pride in not being the best and by saying we'll try our best but they're not even giving their best to start with. And we even set our own dateline and it would allow us to procrastinate.

Be it 2020 or 2057, why don’t we take a pledge to have the largest dick now? The global continuously and progressive competition simply will never stop. Many great challenges are awaiting us to deal with and seriously, with what we have now, there are almost nothing we can be proud of, except for the harmonious ethnic composition we have, with Mat Rempits and Rapists emerged as the new ethnics in Malaysia.

The time is now, or should I say, was 14 years ago when Dr. Mahathir first introduced the ever intelligent 2020 Vision to us. We are running out of time, people. We must work together, not because we have no choice, but because it's right and smartest thing to do. The world watches us for god sake. I couldn’t afford seeing us being the laughing stock of the world for being unable to catch what we have marked.

And starting with oneself, make this our own delicate pledge and willfully work on it. It's a duty for each of Malaysians to be committed in making our dream comes true. It’s a Malaysian Dream!

And if you guys seem to have lost in the idea, take a look and a deep breath now and read this like you are reading Playboy’s Book of Lingerie with full passion and focus. And after that, take initiative to do something and you might want to read this to have a better idea on what to do next. Just make sure that you have an open mind to go with it before reading that two astonishing articles.

When we go overseas, we say we're Malaysians. Why not the same here? Love our country. Show it. Make a change.

P.S. 50 years of nationhood and it is counting. Let's give a real hoot, people.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Spanish Nerve

It was indeed a nervous night for Spanish football as the Primera title is open for grab for the top three, Real Madrid, Barca and the underdog UEFA Champion, Sevilla. But stupidity was the word of the night when all three teams failed to capitalize the chance given when they all only managed to grab a point out of each outing. My pick? I’m going for Sevilla, but they need a helluva magic to win it – if and only if the giants in Real Madrid and Barca lose and they win their final match at home to Villareal. Its football for god sake, anything can happen. Even the calm Zinedine Zidane turned into a beast with the headbutt. But my bet is still on Sevilla, provided they have the ever dangerous man in the penalty box, Freddie Kanoute.

But they race was not all that night. It was all because this one real fucker making the highlight yet again, reminiscing the glorious moment in world football. Yes, Lionel Messi it is, yet another impersonation of his national hero, Maradona by executing the Hand of God en route to score yet another to hand a 2-2 draw to Espanyol. It was about four month ago when he shook the world with a repeat of Diego Maradona's sensational dribbled strike against England in the 1986 World Cup against Getafe last month. I doubted about everyone’s taunting him as Messidona. But this time, I have to agree with it. I just hope that he wouldn’t do ‘cocaine’ing stuff.

Spain oh spain, here comes the pain. As Sevilla will reign and prove to be no vain. Ha Ha.

P.S. And just to update, Liverpool have signed Brazilian U-20 Team captain, Lucas Leiva from Gremio. The boy has been dubbed ‘the Brazilian Gerrard’ by some fans due to the similarity of his playing style with Stevie - with Stevie, Carra, Pepe Reina and Xabi’s new sealed deal, together with the arrival of fresh new blood in Lucas Leiva and Ukrainian scoring machine, Andriy Voronin. So be scared, people.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Pak Lah pulak In Da' Mood

I have not been writing for about two weeks. Words are just checking in and out of my mind and never impede of hang about there still, with flowers and beauty at every tenses. Or maybe I got so occupied with my never ended assignments which you guys surely don’t want to know how they haunted me bad this 3 weeks holiday. Or maybe my bed is way sweeter than having my eyes and fingers fixed to my laptop. Okay, okay, I admit, I’m on a writer’s block. Ah it’s not a big deal anyway, as even Stephen King got one when he was en route in finishing up the famous ‘The Green Mile’.

But I guess that symptom of mine is coming to an end, and I can not resist for not writing anything about my Prime Minister’s comeback to manhood, yes he’s going to marry yet again, after two years of seclusion from the sea of love. Ha Ha. Good Luck with your new mistress, Pak Lah, and just a humble piece of advice from a nobody like me, just keep your eyes and hands at the country, for we have a nation to be fixed, and future to pursue.

Rounded head, stretched tail, as white as silk, they are alive, yet they hold the most magical history humankind could ever find. They usually come in groups of two or three million. They support each other, all the while fighting their way to individualism to reach the so-called egg cell. They are like hippies: they all stink, all of them are the same, but we can't just have enough of them. Ah by the way, in case you forgot, they are called sperm. Ha Ha. In addition, according to a popular urban legend, football enthusiast, like me, produce sperms almost every day because they are so cool. Ha Ha. There you have it, a concise re-introduction of sperm to all. A good revision for any not-getting-any-younger hopefuls who may have failed to get a clue, or may not remember what is sperm is all about.

Digress? Maybe. Anyway, I think that Pak Lah is a man who needs someone to look after him. I suppose this time with his newly-wed Jeanne Abdullah; he can put an end to his loneliness and pay more attention to the running of the country. Congratulations, Pak Lah. Can 9th of June be declared public holiday? Bagi la seround!

P.S. Just support our national team, and don’t try to be smart to say anything about all-things-footie again, Pak Lah. After all, Sir Alex won’t be coming.

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