Thursday, December 28, 2006

I just hate to see rubbish. Who doesn’t anyway? But it is just that when I see rubbish spotted anywhere around Malaysia, and to see it lies upon the very street of my lovely city, I feel like running away from the country and it is just disgusting and in fact disturbing at its best. I stumbled across this and this website and I am not blaming anyone for that but us, the Malaysians. What we did for the past decades have been watch by others and guess what, they really made a very good nasty stare at us on how unhygienic we are actually. But we chose not to apprehend it positively and our Malaysian snobbery always takes place.

We didn’t do that
Malaysians are clean people
You are actually dirty people, not us

Bla bla bla and without knowing it, others find us as really ignorant people. I had bad experience about dirty public toilets and I find it ridiculous to pay 50 cent to get entry to nastiest place ever on earth. I should spend that 50 cents for charity. 20 cents for the peminta sedekahs and the other 30 for the buskers – the buskers work for it, that’s why they should get more.

We have our government to pay and build castle-like toilet but in it, we scatter shit everywhere. We scribble anything on the wall as if it is an art gallery. We advertise phone sex service in it and draw trivial pornographic pictures in intention anyone sees it would get horny. Morover, we become creative by flushing our leftovers by using our foot without being thoughtful on how unclean our shoes are. Even worse, we chose to kangkang instead of duduk on supposedly duduk toilet, making it sickening to others to duduk on it. And all these we chose not to realize about and while these didn’t amount too much in our emotional account, others did – and others transcribe it on newspapers, blog and even scream loudly at people that Malaysians are dirty, unhygienic people and who is to be blamed? Encik Rubbish? Saudari Sampah?

It is the same third world country thing we had when driving. We chose to wind down the car window and carelessly throw shit away from the car. It made me sick when one of them nearly hit my car window but being a good Malaysian, I just honked at the driver deafeningly without showing my middle finger. That is what good Malaysians do, isn’t it? And it very confusing to see why we chose not to report to any authority involved that these shit-thrower is hilling up our land with rubbish. And after a routine daily slip through the newspapers nowadays, and to read about how crooked politicians are in this day and age, I hit upon that RM100 can settle everything and the fact that the more reports the more occasions of duit kopi went to Datuk's pocket.

Personally speaking, me myself would reluctantly say that a tourist after visiting both Singapore and Malaysia, would find Singapore much more organized and clean. And by being clean we wouldn't be kiasu, take note. Please Malaysians, be more hygienic. But hey, no matter how shitty things can be, it's still my home and I want Malaysia to be my retirement country. I don’t want to live in a cesspool!

P.S. I have always preferred futsal centers toilets – where you can hardly find any buruk features of dirty Malaysians identity in it. Ironic isn’t it? People who play football know well how to dribble and pass our shit before shooting it – therefore we have cleaner toilets. Anyway, we end our losing draught by letting Benny McCarthy scores the only goal in Blackburn 1-0 victory at Ewood Park. They just wanted to win. The just lost badly by being hammered mercilessly by Arsenal the game before and being such a gentleman, we just let them to have a good time. It’s Christmas!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Oh Kolej Melayu
I had fun yesterday and it was a totally dick-connection where I could hardly see any girls around hence reminiscing my years at Kuala Kangsar. Futsal plus friends, kabloey! Well guys, thanks for coming that day for it was great to end up this gloomy year 'lepak'ing with you guys around. And after one year of making our own way, to catch up with you guys was a big yeay and to see fats accumulating around your stomach after one year was a big haha for me. Till then!
Bangga kurasakan
Khidmat kuberikan
Takku lupakan jasa-jasamu
Oh Kolej Melayu
P.S. Guys, don't you think that our Yahoo group is way too conservative with its dull look? Therefore, it's time for us to migrate. Let's Flickr!
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Friday, December 22, 2006
Cerita kereta merata-rata

What’s up with the toll hike? Much has been said about it and I myself have been doing lots of reading in accordance to that matter. And the word of the day was, BULLSHIT. Yes, totally. 60sen of toll rise is a big deal and none of the citizen could really see what SV is up to now with the bewildering toll hike. They say, the government is trying its very best to be fair and keep its word for the highway concession agreements, like all fair governments do. And by being fair, they are making me seeing it as a dodge to deceive us.

For all this while, the citizens are already paying so much to even own a car in the form of road taxes, excise duties, the current toll rates, and the increase in petrol prices among others and what more SV and friends need? They have to really bare in mind that some of the citizen really have to dig for money the hardest way and to take their money this way is totally a no-no. Fair enough - and the solution? Let’s hear to this 18 years old who doesn’t even complete his pre-university study’s humble opinion.

As a very senior minister who had been holding the same post for many years, the minister whom it may concern could have foreseen the traffic problems and he should have anything under his radar and quickly settle it. But all this while, he chose not to and it will reflect the whole administration as a whole. To make things worse, highway-building and road-construction is more profit-motive instead of easing up the traffic condition. I say this because no matter what kind of highways we have, we are still suffering bad traffic jams and it becomes apparent each and every day. Why? Because no appropriate R&D was ever conducted to really identify what sort of artery is to be constructed, how big it should be and where it should navigate. Highways are made-up to help ease jams, not create more.

Allright, and if the government still need our hard-earned money, just let them but please, use them appropriately. It is better this way if the money are used to strengthen and improve the quality of public transportation and the quality of the roads. One way is to get rid of potholes on the road. I’ve bad experience with potholes and anyone driving in KL really has to be equipped with great handling skills to prevent potholes. If not, get yourselves ready to visit any nearest workshop. With billions collected in the form of road tax and any other excise, the government could utilize them by flowing up the traffic and making driving in any Malaysia’s road a pleasure.

The thing is, the more roads we build, twice more cars being manufactured and what is the point of having more roads? Therefore, the number of cars manufactured and shipped in the country should be under strict scrutiny. It is no rocket science. People who are in the parliament are all stocked with three-brains to even think and do something about it but when money do all the talking, the chose to lay back and just sit still doing nothing. They say unnecessary things like the way you dress in the parliament will give your moral a picture but hey, morality is not about dressing alone. Truth be told, they have to walk their talk and not just bubbling it. And after bubbling it, implement it and make the voters happy. Be fair to the citizens, like other fair governments do.

P.S. I was late for my futsal game the other day because of bad traffic along MRRII Ampang. It made me sick to just play for only 20 minutes instead of 60 on the turf. Argh! Shitty traffic. That’s explain why I got so emotional about Malaysia’s traffic condition. When it involves all-things-football, you are messing up with Izham Ismail.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Of being transparent about things..

People are getting abstract nowadays. They express their emotion in a way that only they understand, and they get themselves lost in the process. Instead of being more articulate, they prefer to hide their feelings in lines of ambiguous words and that made me sick for some reasons. Take the feel of affectionate as an instance. If you think that you are in love or somewhat having a crazy crush to someone, why not just tell that very person right on his or her face right up instead of getting yourselves stuck in sea of verbosity with so many unclear and confusing words in your expression. Transparency is the best policy, people. Even the government has been reminded millions of time about it, but still, their lazy asses stay at a halt and they chose to keep everything under the table.

If you are in love or somewhat crazy about someone, tell them. It’s the oldest trick in the book and you guys are all grown up to know it and makan makan dalam and syok syok sendiri is never going to be any pertinent at all in this earth. You might end your life old, rotten and unheard. People around the world, please be more transparent, can’t we? If things being so subtle all the time, then why are the word earnestness and sincerity ever printed in the dictionary? Make it real guys; we don’t need to be subtle all the time. There are times that we should be more vocal and take a good bang at someone’s heart. Be like The Rock and any other wrestling superstars. If they hate someone, they express it, loud and clear and other superstars will know what the bottom line is and they will start to quarrel and have a match before the hitch finds its exit, and no problemo after that - at least WWE taught me something about life.

P.S. Izham is very much aware that he is being prejudice and he doesn’t give a damn about it. He just feels that things ain’t going to work out until we ourselves actually do something about it, not just whining about it and hope that others will understand.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006
A very good friend of mine works as a gym instructor at Fitness First and he deals with many kind of people and mostly with fitness freaks. And it will include the sissy, in which at koleq we called kupab. One day, kupabs are on his client list and it was break-time and everybody was having a snack - during that time my friend overheard his kupab client's conversation.
Mr A : Do you think **** (that friend of mine) has a PhD?
Mr B : Hmm..yeah, I think so.
What? My friend has a PhD? I don't even know that! Then I asked him what PhD means, in intention to confirm whether is it the doctoral degree that the kupabs talked about. Then he whispered,
Friend : No, it's 'Pretty Huge Dick'.
I broke into laughter in the midst of the mamak stall while everybody was busy having their eyes fixed on Liverpool vs Charlton match-up.

P.S. Minutes after that, Craig Bellamy scored a fine volley for a 2 goals lead before Stevie G netted another one. Yeay, Charlton was punished big time and Stevie G and co. surely have PhD for that!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Champions Meet
I've not posted something about footie for quite some time. Let see, yes, it's the Champions League Last Sixteen clash. Liverpool is in it and surely I have something to say about it.

The Premiership's big four would have harboured two secret wishes as they are making their way to Athens - keep away from Barcelona and hope to meet Lille. And Manchester got what they wished, and Liverpool? It's a tough task ahead.

The draw was finalized and Koppites, we have the Catalan and reigning champion, Barcelona stand in our way. Yes, it would be Liverpool vs Barcelona in the first knockout round of the last 16. Its a dejavu for me as two of my favourite club (well, Liverpool top the list) will take on each other. Everybody would expect a wonderful performance from both teams as two of world football's magical icon, Steven Gerrard and Ronaldinho will be on the same pitch commanding their team. It would be an understatement to mention that the winner of this match will be crowned this season's champion. To quote how Rafa Benitez was so enthusiast and confident about the match up, we have nothing to lose. We conquered Istanbul few years ago and this time, we are eyeing on Athens.

P.S. Barcelona will have to be really wary of the wily Benitez and the local knowledge he is sure to utilise to the full. Ever heard of the Spanish Revolution Benitez brought? And to beat a Spanish giant should be a walk in the park.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
'Blood'y Experience
I am in the midst of a tiresome night with my back hurts real bad after hours of cramping myself in Kuala Lumpur Hospital doing community service the whole day yesterday. (we called it CAS which stands for Creativity, Action and Service, a constituent of the IB programme which needs us to complete about 180 hours doing things that could develop our creativity, physical and social skills) and that might explain why I was there, sitting at Kuala Lumpur Hospital with nothing to do than helping the hospital's staff with blood management without realizing how terrible I waste my cute holiday moment at home. But at the end of the day, I guess it's all worth the sweat. All I can say is that it was a great trip and I learnt pretty much on how to handle things with biohazard sticker on it and I am pretty proud of myself who was strong enough to get rid of my bed's comfort.

Apart from handsome experience, I got some shares of real pain on my back soon after I got back home. Maybe its because of the bag-ful of blood container I carried right from Oncology Dept to the Pathology Dept, which about 300m in distance, walking, under steaming afternoon sunshine. If I think that it is worrisome, grab a baseball bat and give a swing to my head as its gonna be part and parcel of my future being and hey, I have to get used to it!

P.S. I am going to HKL again this morning, with post-mortem on the schedule. Uuuu, scary. Haha.
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Monday, December 11, 2006
It's Been One Year
One score year ago, I made history on this date. And one year after that, I realize that it stands nowhere near history at all.
"You may still be here tomorrow. But your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens
Ah, forget about it. Move on, please.
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Sunday, December 10, 2006
My Negligence
I'm on holiday now. And now I am back from the dark end of Banting and I am coming back to the blogosphere, after a month of gruesome semester exam skirmish. And last night, I had a dinner with my old-boys at Strawberry Field, Taipan. And to note about the food, all I can say is, it kept me full until today's lunchtime and I even skipped my breakfast today (anyway I woke up at 2pm today) Haha. In case you guys would want to have some taste of its yummy fare and don't know how to get there, here is your travel guide speaking. The place is in USJ10 and very close to Burger King, across from the carpark, and near to McDonalds and True Fitness. You have to come in from the HSBC/StanChart entrance, pass the maybank and the place that looks like a beach club, and Strawberry Fields is on the left side. Anyway, the food is good and talking with successful Malay individuals is at first of class.

I had always get myself complaining about how hard IB is and how terrible it affected my crazy life. I find myself tied with heavy thick books and assignment with dateline always around the corner. With the horrid semester one exam making its exit last friday, I could not imagine how bad I am doing in the programme and the time I walked away the Dewan Besar after the Malay A1 paper, all I can do is geleng my head before packing my stuff at my room to get out of that place. It is a burden I cling to. And then soon I realize that my whole 10A SPM splendor is gone and now, it's smiling back at me. And last night, my seniors really gave some good kick on my ass.

If I think KMB is the place where I can have freedom, I am wrong. If I think KMB is the place where I can have chicks around, again I am wrong and if I think KMB is the place where I can get my 10A SPM tag allows me to laze around, again, I am wrong. And to view that the non-Malays as completely out of our league and prefering to become a jaguh kampung instead is also a big wrong for me.

When I was a scholar, I was satisfied that I earned the grudging respect of the non-Malays in my uni or those non-Malays who know me from other unis - because none of them had ever indicated they doubted that I deserved my scholarship. Be it at a public school or unis - we beat the non-Malays easily; or competed with them on equal terms.

Fiasco. What a humiliation for me.

And again if I think that there are times in my life that I can stop learning and laze my ass off, I am wrong as my succesful seniors, at the age of 30 something, are still under high atmospheric pressure and they worked and exerted so much of their effort and could not even find time for themselves and me? at 18 years of age, with no big things achieved other than mere 10As in SPM, have started to think to lay back and stop. What a dick I am. (hehe) Serious please.

Well the point is, I have to change. And to think that it is over is all wrong.

I have university placement staring at me.
I have MARA and taxpayers' money staring at me.
I have the future of my race staring at me.
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