Monday, February 19, 2007
Encik Bohr dan kisahnya..
Ah yes, while rambling through Myspace to check for some updates, I stumbled across this quote from sapa ntah's blog,
"No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical," - Neils Bohr

So I guess his famous findings about god-damn quantum mechanics theory was just of him being logical. Hey, I can do that! But soon after I started to feel good about myself, this quote stared at me,
"And anyone who thinks they can talk about quantum theory without feeling dizzy hasn't yet understood the first thing about it."
I closed the window of my seasoned Mozilla Firefox whole-heartedly.

P.S. N
iels Bohr is one of the most important scientists from Denmark who received the Nobel Prize in 1922. And note that he is the sixth Danish I knew after Peter Schmeichel, Laudrup brothers, Ebbe Sand and Thomas Helveg. My respect to him, albeit he did made me feel dizzy with his theories that at some point, I questioned why he ever born to earth at the first place.
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Stupid syllogism

We never fail to generalize and it boggles me with phrases that seemed to have the sacred authority to label things at its undesirable clause. That kind of reasoning is by no means the easiest one people can make. But yet, the result is always far from satisfying both parties. Muslims are terrorists. Izham is a muslim, and therefore Izham is a terrorist. Stupid syllogism. Malays are born lazy. Izham is a Malay. Therefore Izham is a lazy person. Another example of syllogism at its utmost stupidity. We often create a tensing atmosphere by saying this and that about certain races without realizing that what we said might be wide of the mark for more than half of them. We dubbed ourselves by saying that we are clinging to moral values all the time. But is being insensitive towards others can be considered moral values? So cut off any sentiments that would bring to an uptight relationship and atmosphere among us. Don’t let our sense of judgment bewildered us and don’t let the power of bewitchment in our language disrupt the colorful upbringing we built for the last 50 score years. Please, put away any sort of generalization. Its like Mafia – you hit one of us, WE hit you. We had rocky roads all the way towards building a vibrant community we have now. We can’t afford to have other bumpy roads in front of us.

This post should go to anyone who have treated others badly by saying something that might hurt not only the person, but the person’s people as well. Take note.

P.S. Reasoning at its worst could make the whole world blind.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Pundit-kah aku?
You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

I got this quiz from Amerhadi and true to his nature, he is a life blogger. Well, it suits him well though. But Izham for pundit blogger? Ha ha. I am never a big fan of internet quizzes and fair enough, they can't be trusted at times. Quizzes are like Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah. They are made up for you to feel good about yourselves. They tell white lies. But some of them are nasty, like chemistry and pure maths quizzes. They are full of shit, brutal and maliciously vindictive and always made me fun of me.

P.S. How I wish perverted blogger is on the list.
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40% Malaysia Boleh!

Congratulations Izham, you are 60% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

P.S. What the heck? I am 60% not Malaysian? Ha ha. You guys should try it. It would make you love your country even more. It works for me.
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Ingat tak masa..
Like any Chinese, I do pamper myself with makan besar on Chinese New Year eve. But this time it is no family relation, but it’s more towards enjoying good food with my friends. And good food and good conversation is surely a no contest as me and a childhood friend of mine had a long night reminiscing our days back then while laughing our ass off the misfiring Gunners. And a credit also goes to Brad Friedel. And talking about good ol times, I do miss my childhood moment. I do miss the day when sekolah agama was my playground. I do miss the day when I treat girls the same like I treat the boys. I do miss the day when I could wear shorts to school. I do miss the day when I am the shortest boy in the class that anyone would call me pendek. Ha ha. Well, I missed them so much. And the person who was with me all the time those days were with me last night, hark back to our crazy little time together. And last night, I felt like an 8 years old kid, not wanting to grow up. Ah yes, Eric Cantona was right,

When we were a kid, its easy. We do it, just because we like it. Never grow up, my friends.

P.S. And my makan besar mood was spoilt with fond memories. Ah, and that picture, pengawas pendek sedang pau air soya bean pengawas perpustakaan sambil diapit oleh bodyguard-bodyguardnya. Ha ha.

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Gong Xi Fa Chai

Everyone knows that Malaysians are made up of three major races. Every other country perceived us as exclusive as we could live harmoniously for the past 50 years when they just can not stand living under the same roof with other races. Sports never make me proud as a Malaysians. Development, still by no means prove me something big that would make me grin from ear to ear. But racial integration is something that makes me real proud of my country. And being a good Malaysian I am, let me wish a very Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians!

P.S. It's 10 am. Awal aku bangun hari ni. Anyway, Petronas did it again with this one.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Izham and The King

I was the biggest hater of musicals. Musicals were made to make any soul goes spoilt with its crazy timing of singing. They sang in the worst timing ever, and they dance at the worst places ever. What a resemblance of a psychotic I must say. But somehow, those notions of mine were drowned into the pits when IB introduced me The King and I, dubbed one of the hottest musical film in history, as a way to instill awareness of understanding the world culture in its students.

There were series of remake hitting the silver screens but the one I am talking about is 1956’s production directed by Walter Lang. He really kick ass. As a person who has been very unsupportive and fancy being romantic and melodramatic, the first time I watched The King and I, I went (words that resemble Izham being romantic, whatsoever).

But the thing is, there was something in the film that somehow attracted me to watch it again and again. As my paradigm was by some means been shifted, I even googled the film and I learnt more about the whole film and the whole musicals world, and it happened that what a fascinating world it is to indulge our soul into musicals because what the actors were doing in musicals was not just a mere entertainment. It has something need to be deciphered by romantic and idealistic people who watched it. So to think that musicals are just a piece of crap, drop your thoughts and give it a try. You might get yourself hooked.

P.S. I watched it twice and I am thinking of downloading it to my laptop in a little while. What a blow to my macho-ness. Somebody please stop me.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Medical Stoodents Typicality? Oh-Noh!

Somebody hit me on my head when he says my blog is lack of something striking, and he was saying about how dull the design and interface of this blog has. I can’t think of other critic and I substitute the somebody with Paul Moss.

Paul Moss : apsal blog ko tak berwarna warni? boring sial!
Tuan Tanah
: haha
Tuan Tanah
: nak buat macam mana..
Tuan Tanah
: semua warna warna telah diserap
Tuan Tanah
: dan yang terpancar kat retina ko hanyalah warna hitam
Paul Moss
: ????

Ouch, I guess I got occupied with Chemistry until I talked atoms and substances when somebody was talking about arts and design. Maybe I read too much of Raymond Chang’s. Huh? Am I transitioning? Am I losing the sense of artistic and even worse, the sense of romantic? I better stop reading science. I could be a creepy person in short while from now. Anyone please lend me Playboy.

P.S. I googled the symptom of being a medical students, and one of it is losing interest in opposite sex. Shit! I’ll make sure that won’t happen. I am the god of love (citations needed), but I am just stuck in the wrong continent. Ha ha. Anyway, do I sound creepy to you?

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Ouch, we slipped
Merseyside derby never fails to keep me away from the TV. Although right on channel 4 there was Raja Lawak kicking on live, I am not in any mood to laugh off some lousy jokes when The Reds took on David Moyes' side at Anfield. In our race to at least reach the second spot, an error occured, and it is not the best time for any scrathes to kick in when Arsenal are in their best shape to take any teams ahead them to the pits. 3 points are crucial and we can't afford to draw or much worse, lose.

Everton was indeed a stubborn team to break through. The Reds thoroughly dominated the game, and we went misfiring all the way with long-ranged shots executed by Xabi Alonso and Stevie G all went point-blank. Full whistle, goal-less draw.

It was a typical derby. Both team got their fair roar from their spectators, but the result was far than both spectators craved for.

P.S. I was frustated. I switched to Raja Lawak. I was frustated again.
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