Friday, August 31, 2012
is not a typo. That was how I pronounced the word Tunku shouted 7 times in 31st August 1957. Tunku was a visionary leader and defined the word with hope and aspiration we Malaysians live our life now. 

I'm still a young man who thinks Merdeka should be pronounced with a trilled 'R', and not the poyo Americanised 'R'. 

MeRdeka. Not, Meurdeka, because you are not James Dean or Michael Phelps.

Let's not stop learning. After 55 years of Independence, How do you pronounce 'Malaysia'?

Me-lay-shee-ah, Me-lay-see-yah, Me-lay-see-uh, Me-lay-sheer?

Why bother raising the flag if you can't even pronounce the name of your country properly?

Thanks for everything, Tunku.

#55Merdeka, whatever it means to you. Eh, #Merdeka55.

P.S. New semester starts in less than two weeks. Merdeka!
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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Kings Dump Celtic
Queens Park Rangers is among the most active in the transfer market, and they are not doing it without grabbing the headlines. On paper, this team has enough names to secure at least a mid-table finish in the league.

Jose Bosingwa, Rafael, Park Ji-Sung, Djibril Cisse, Luke Young, Junior Hoilett, Adel Taarabt and most recently Julio Cesar look like making up a team that could easily beat teams like Wigan, Aston Villa and Norwich by at least two-goal margin.

I am for one not an advocate of judging a team by how they perform in the first few games but if a manager spent the transfer window like a rich kid in a candy shop, I'd have some space to be a little judgmental.

And especially when the manager reports to a Malaysian owner - who bought the club's shares using the money he earned by swapping public-owned national carrier shares with his budget airlines'. Let's not talk about this for now.

Esteban Granero, nicknamed El Pirata, who plies his trade in Madrid among football's household names is the next to be linked with a move to Loftus Road. In a way I commend the management's machismo in making a statement that they mean business this time. Last time they were nearly sent packing to the Championship in the last day of the league and the rest as they say is history, and few million pounds.

Recent results show that money talks in football sometimes, although the idealistic man in me convinces otherwise. Man City spruced from nowhere to win the Premier League with oil money. Real Madrid and Barcelona boss the Primera Liga and reset the market price of potential players which could shy away and kill the hope of small, poor team to get quality potential players.

Even a club with great history like Liverpool could not get the players they want with the kind of wage structure they adopt.

But like many things in life, having the best toys does not necessarily mean you can have the best of fun. You can have all the best players but a team is not made of skillful, rich individuals but a team is a fluid of hardworking, dynamic players who help their team-mates like they help their brothers.

You can have the best toys, you can have the best job, you can have the best cars, you can have your dream house, you can have everything you want but don't let the toys take away the person you're once were.

Enjoy all the money you have while you still can, because I'm taking something you can never take away from me,

good times and good fun.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
of youthful bravado. 
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Twitter has given me space to launch myself between how I really feel and what I tell others about how I feel. It is not a mirror of my emotion but a vicious, ruinous network which would erroneously parrot my emotion and at every tweet I post, I no longer know what I really feel exactly.

I have plugged and registered Twitter into the concept of society I think I live in when what it does really is distancing me from the society of people.

The kind of people I am seeing on Twitter will greet strangers with real warmth but such courtesies are nothing but an illusory ideal in real life. Such is the sad reality - especially upon knowing that I slowly turn into one of them.

You are one cheap, evil addiction, Twitter. 

Go away.

Yes, I'm talking to you too Insta-something.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012
The life I choose requires so much more than awful lot of time reading judgments and legislations. It requires the resilience to see how fancy some friends have become and how confident they are living their life with their pompous paycheck, and most importantly how they look at me in their Raouls and Armanis.

Well, good for you.

I chose to step few stairs down the ladder few years ago and it had never been a more satisfying leap of faith. Few years later, I'm still patting the back of the man I used to be and still proud of how much sacrifices he has made to grow into the man I am now.

I was browsing old posts and I saw hope, despair and life's little imperfections and lessons - the kind of thing I've stopped noticing for few years now.

And just like that, I was reminded of why I'm here again,

and how I will get there one day.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Life is hard. Sometimes the only way to deal with it is to sleep it off and hoping to wake up feeling better, and to wake up a better person.

Go give it a try, come back and read this from the top.

All over again.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012
1 Syawal
Oh yes, that too. 

Maaf zahir batin.
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Woeful Bromwich Albion
Liverpool has been picking up a bad habit of starting the season by disappointing the fans after a promising pre-season. It has been few seasons of unsatisfactory first match day, but this one against the Albions is just lamentable.

A season is not judged in the first 90 minutes but the first game has always been a reliable preview on what to expect for the next 37 games - for some superficial punditry.

I was close to jump into the bandwagon of bashing the Brendan Rodgers regime and I read through Liverpool fans' angry commentaries with disgust. and slight sorry on how shallow their turn of mind took them in supporting the team they supposed to love when they started to call for Mr Rodgers head after the loss at The Hawthorns.

Liverpool were unlucky most of the time. We had 59% possession before Agger was sent off. We got two one-on-one chances cancelled due to wrongfully called offsides and Phil Dowd, the man with the whistle, seemed to be against everyone with Liverbird upon the chest.

Stevie captained the side for the 250th time but it was not an excuse for him to play a level down as he used to. He seemed to be losing the plot and the mastermind in him is turning into a poor minion in the midfield.

Joe Allen is my best performer. He had most passes completed and his interceptions were exceptional. He showed hunger, something which is lacking among Melwood's high rollers,  and determination to win the ball and distribute it effectively.

Luis Suarez had a decent outing. His trickery set the game alight but cheeky nutmegs and breathtaking footwork mean nothing if they weren't converted into goals. Borini had a quiet afternoon and that sums up the obvious fact that finishing has always been Liverpool's Achilles heel.

Daniel Agger will miss the next 3 games and I'm hoping Mr Rodgers will pick Coates over Carra to replace the Dane. The old man needs to give way. There are other people who are hungrier to prove a point. 

I am personally gutted with the result. I was hoping it to be an easy outing where we would show everyone we mean business this season after a wonderful pre-season. The result just knocked me down after I felt I'd achieve something for the day. It is never healthy for your emotional health to be dictated by a football match but I guess after years of religious following, I think I am entitled to proper results.

So we have 111 points more to fight for and I hope Mr Rodgers has more in his bag to show everyone why he helms the Anfield dugout. Everyone needs to have a little faith in this guy, and most importantly, the club.

Next up, the defending champions, Manchester City.

Oh dear.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Hari Ismail

Selamat Hari Ismail. Thanks for being there, thanks for being around. Thanks for everything.

Love, your son.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
If you have been coming back to see if there's anything new, I am sorry to have disappointed you. I've been occupying myself with so many life's little needs and big ambitions that I forgot some of you are really serious on getting to know what's that all about.

But things might change, because I'm thinking about stopping to disappoint.

Step aside.
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