Saturday, December 31, 2011
Au Revoir 2011

The year will end in few hours, which means it's resolution-listing time for most of us. No, it's not listing, because resolutions aren't supposed to be long. I've seen many people who can't get on with the idea of having new year resolutions and designate it as a yearly unavailing ritual rather than a strong spiritual statement of life we want to live in the following year.

Let's face it. With or without it, we want a better year every year.

My 2011 resolutions had ticks in few boxes, and the blanks are no indicator of foundering, but a message to me that I need to do better. But boy, the ticks are aplenty and the feel good factor and amazing recollection of the year are reminded even the word 'two thousand eleven' is uttered. Something about the word that usher my mind into a state of heartening good spirits.

The year reminds me of the enchantment, life's brilliant lesson, wonderful experience that comes with the support of the people I love.

2011 is the product of the grit I made myself available to, to do what I love.


Liverpool ended the year with the most tiring maneuver. The Reds drew 8 times and hit the woodwork 18 times. If the woodworks converted into goals and draws turned into wins, I could see us plying the fallen trade in Europe again.

The year does not reflect the magic 2011 had on me. 2011 for Liverpool is a test of character for the fans. The leap of faith is on trial every time Liverpool played. King Kenny, wearing the reputable managerial crown, now the chief of Anfield was on a mission to test the faith and renew the hope.

He sold Fernando Torres, brought in Luis Suarez and lines of expensive faces.

The dividends thus far: 8 draws, and a Europa League berth.

It will be a testing 2012 if the trend holds steady, because the rich boys in Manchester are not going to slow down and the Londoners are hungrier than ever to bounce back.

The test of character.


Malaysia is the official kings of South East Asia. After the sensational AFF Suzuki Cup win in 2010, Harimau Malaya did not put a cap yet on the pen that write phenomenal history of Malaysian football. In its younger form, styles as Harimau Muda, 2011 was a promise made by Malaysian football team that the future is bright and rosy.

The nation was united, yet again, behind the young team that won the gold medal in 2011 SEA Games. The nusantara rivalry stirred up once more, and Malaysia always came on top with due elegance and class.

The boy with Spanish brain Nazmi Faiz Mansor is introduced to Malaysian crowd in 2011, and hope is all in all restored.

2011 is the year football is officially back in Malaysia, and Malaysian football fans are yearning for more in 2012.


What a rewarding 2011 it has been. I can only pray that 2012 will be as great.

Happy New Year, and may the best of this year be the worst of next to you, you and you.

And you too.

Yes, you.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011
I tickled my narcissistic facade when I found myself browsing the archive of this blog. Half way through, I've lost track of what I was doing and I felt like I was reading someone else's blog, and ahem, I was enjoying it!

I wonder what the guy is doing now. Everyone misses him, so do I.

But he had to go.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Steven Gerrard is probably a name that best fits the character of someone who is revered when he's not around, and cheered when he is right in front of you. He is the type of guy who will cheekily hide behind the curtain when the show is badly staged, so that he can come forth, in all elegance, especially during the chorus, to steal the show and leave the stage a superstar.

He does that all the time.

But life is not always about getting on top when the show does not work for you. Some audiences are hard to please, and no matter how much panna and flip-flap you pull through, a certain lot from a certain bench will probably find it as a dull, bland routine. But you can't blame them, for the tickets they paid serve the best purpose when you win the game, banging goals after goals.

Then again, the fickle mind will be tricked into listening to certain voice from certain lot, which will hum to you that no matter how big your win is and how classy your celebrations are, nothing beats the elegance of a good, fluid and entertaining performance.

Steven Gerrard, like everyone else, tries to please every lot every time he steps his foot on the field. He never compromises his dream by giving all he can. He took whatever he has on the plate and savour it like the opportunity everyone can't afford to miss. He does it in the classiest way anyone could imagine. He takes it calmly, but with aggression. He downs it slowly, but with pace.

Master of elegance, he is, and the winner of many hearts. He thought me much, that boy Stevie.

So, how's your game?

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Sunday, December 25, 2011
Every morning before I go to school, I will look in my mom's face, kiss her cheek and say to myself,

"I will change this family."

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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Aku Maafkan Kamu

"Maafkan mereka, mereka tidak tahu,

Mereka tidak ramas buku, mereka segan ilmu,

Mereka tidak fasih malah fasik guna kata,

Kita kongsi nama bangsa tapi tidak kasta bahasa."

- Malique Ibrahim.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011
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