Saturday, November 18, 2006
Felicitaciones Angah!
I'm currently at home on a short weekend holiday to attend my only brother's wedding. At least I can have some time to unwind myself from the constraints of thick Campbell-Reece's Biology and Chang's piece of chemistry conjecture. Today's function was at the bride's and tomorrow my house will take its turn to gather friends and relatives. And tomorrow I will rush to go south-west to Banting. Again. Anyway, congrats to Izwan Ismail and may God bless you right from your first night as a married man.

P.S. I learnt to akad nikah and it was pain in the ass!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Adieu Holiday
3 weeks of my luxury time at home is almost at its end as in few hours time I will be going back to the sacred Bukit Changgang. I could expect that my few weeks ahead would be a hell for me. Holiday, it is an ecstasy as always. For about 3 weeks, my days were a typical one with late night sleep, surfing the net, futsal, movies and lepak occupied most of the hours of my 'short' holiday.

Semester exam is in few weeks time and as an empty bottle I am, I have to do a lot of things to catch up. With jogathon coming, my evening won't be spent sleeping again. Well, it was nice to sit back and enjoy every minute of my holliday at the very place called home although I knew that it is going to be hell ahead waiting for me.

And well, with my absence in few weeks time from the blogosphere, you could expect that either I am out of notions, stuck of idea, or I am dead.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Cinta : Love Actually Parody?

I am the first to admit that I don't like to watch local movies.

Over this Hari Raya, one local movie production aired their latest movie entitled Cinta. And it involves 10 local movie stars with 5 love stories all assembled together in one movie. Furthermore, to my surprise, the movie will commence and end at KL Central, the place where people get connected, and the place where we can see joy in the face of about anyone greeting their love ones. Yes, yes, yes, this film is very familiar to my all time favorite love story, Love Actually where the plot started and ended at Heathrow Airport. Love Actually celebrated the presence of love everywhere during Christmas. But in Cinta, you could expect that the plot would be sometime in Raya. Love Actually had achieved a US gross box office of over $59 million and a world box office of just under $245 million. In the UK, it took in a very impressive £36,238,777. For Cinta, emm, judgment needed for now. All in all, Cinta = Love Actually. Go figure.

It's all about love...actually and Love actually is all around.

P.S. If my wild guess is true, I’ll change my mind to go for local movies.

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Intimidating Quotes
I paid attention reading list of quotes until I found this one,

"The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them
knowing you can't have them."

and I raised my eyebrows before I came across to another quote,

"Don't fret because it is over, smile because it happened."

and I smiled before I stumbled upon this one,

"Everything happens for a reason."

I grinned and I continued to read until this one,

"You can't catch a flying bird by doing nothing"

And now I hate quotes.
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Price of Premiership’s Wealth

Rich footballers are prominence for their obsession of spending their money for something lavish. They buy luxurious house, mansion and even the whole block of apartment just for fun. Their ride? Never fail to make me deem in complete jealousy. Aston Martin Vanquish, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Diablo Roadster, just to name a few and enough to make me drooling. And, enough to hook any hot chicks around.

Besides, they are high rollers too and most casino in England would prefer their customers to be the footballers simply because there are rich. Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney are two of many English footballers who got hooked on gambling, and there were not talking few hundreds, but millions of pounds. But, there are Premier League player for god sake, their weekly earning is worth the earning of whole Selangor team for 3 years!

On a completely unrelated note, they suffer a walloping addiction too. Internet-porn addiction. Soccernet dishes on the abuses of players’ wealth to buy hi-tech powerful laptop to get themselves online to visit porn site and addicted to it.

“It becomes a problem when he is doing it 14, 15, 16 times and then when he stops, he is playing a football game and he is thinking `I can't wait to get back to that site'.”

And again, akin to the casino owner, porn-site owner also have a preference to have footballers to be their customers, simply because they have cash in their pockets.

“On porn websites you have got advertisements for the porn and you end up spending more money on there. It's kind of like kids in a sweet shop”

Disciplinary problems, hooliganism and unsportsmanlike behavior are just some of the setbacks English football face supplementary to cash wasting among its footballers. No wonder their performance at the international level is in downward spiral. Spoilt brat, aren’t they?

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