Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Dream, Try, Fall
I extended MARA College Banting football team losing streak to four games in a row today. Here is how it all goes,

MCB 1 : 2 KMM

"Lawa captain armband? Setakat armband lawa, kalah buat ape.."

The whole season was one of turmoil under me. I’m getting nervous to the lead the team for SUKOMA, which I enjoyed so much playing as a junior player last year. But the track record would give anyone an idea about how miserable things went through with me wearing the black captain armband. I don't for one moment believe that was due to any strategic error of the player’s part. It was my mistake all the time. What a lousy captain I am, failed to win anything in a given one long year. And the most heartrending moment is when others look down on the team, quietly laughing over our loss, and I am not blaming them but myself.

Doesn't look good on me though. Does it worth wearing?

The years since have been only slightly less fruitful. I’m just hoping that we will do better next time. Just that.

P.S. Lousy Zizou says sorry to the team he failed to lead, and the crowd he failed to entertain.
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Monday, April 23, 2007
Living Legends
Cristiano Ronaldo scoops two PFA awards, making him the youngest ever player to seal two awards, PFA Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year awards in a year. He won the awards with such a fashion, once being England N0. 1 public enemy over the World Cup bust-up with Wayne Rooney, which ended with Cristiano Ronaldo making up with Rooney by supplying loads of passes and goals for Rooney to finish, and securing United's spot at the top of the league few months later.

And just a week ago, a starlet by the name Lionel Messi brought back one of the sweet est reminiscence in modern football history, when he impersonated his idol, his ancestor and every football fans darling, Diego Armando Maradona, by scoring a wonder Maradona-like goal against Getafe in Barcelona 5-2 riot at the Nou Camp. He get through pass defenders with almost the same fashion like Maradona did, but with a little more pace. And how I reacted when watching the replay was, unbelievable.

We are staring at the living legends of football. The future is now. But the likes of Mokhtar Dahari, Ghani Minhat and Soh Chin Aun are yet to come. Sigh.

P.S. I want to have Cristiano's Mercurial Vapor but it was a huge letdown since the price is RM599. Sial punya MARA, bagi RM50 je sebulan.
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Friday, April 20, 2007
Of Football and Tits
I haven’t been writing some serious shit these days. Maybe its due to the fact that I am happened to be an IB student, who have thick books and lengthy ASSignments staring at me, with gun and knife on both hands. Countless late nights of slavery in doing fucking lab reports, fingers numb from writing extensive discussions and evaluations on why this and that happened during experiments, an inch thick of assignment papers covered the floor (and countless more on my study carol, but I got it nicely stacked up after Liverpool book their place in the semi-final of the Champions League, what an inspiration), stacks an empty mug of coffee sitting on the table since 3 days ago – that is the scene everyone would get upon entering A211, besides seeing Cucam snoring like a Snorlex. Blame all the grueling assessments IB had on us. But hey, however I think this itinerary that would embed in our memories for lifetime. It is definitely not a road strewn with roses but it was one that makes us undergraduates more hardened.

I am an avid footballer and one of many huge fans of the game. I have so much of passion and interest on the game, where I had once cried when Selangor was vanished by a northern team of Kedah, during 1996 Liga M season, and I lost my appetite for 2 days after that. Quite recently, I couldn’t even sleep all night and I got my mind unfocused during Chemistry class, when Pn. Salma enthusiastically explained the reaction kinetics and what not, my head went to Singapore, reflecting why Kyril Muhaimin couldn’t seal the spot kick for Malaysia. And Malaysia lost to that small country, whose citizens drink recycled water everyday. It wouldn’t be a surprise if my mood would go haywire if Liverpool fail to lift the European silverware I and every Koppites have been dreaming of. And that is how I love my game. But one idiot strucked me on my dick with this stupid hypothesis, which I would be happy to score a huge middle finger to that person.

"Am, ko main bola sebab nak impress dak dak pompuan ke?"

Fuck. And that’s how I reacted upon hearing that stupid deduction on why I play the beautiful game.

They say, to score a girl, you have to play sport, have a good look, have a good taste in fashion, have handsome cash in your wallet and whatever it is to get that G spot going. But I never give a fuck about that for I do things my way and what I feel like doing. I am not doing things to hook some gadis up, and it same goes to football, I play it because I love it, and not because I am in love with someone else. And if I do have feeling to some gadis, I would go straight to her and maneuvering a big French kiss, rather than keeping a distance with her, showing my Ronaldinho-like skill (Ha Ha), and hoping I will hit her G spot. Dude, couldn’t it be lamer?

Playing football to get some tits is so not me.

Ah, by the way, I am just hoping that that idiot would get a model or Miss World to be his spouse for playing a sloppy football and crappy skills. Anyway thanks dude, you made me love football even more.

Play with your heart, that is Joga Bonito.
Not play for any tits, that is Fucka Fuckito.

We converted the ironing ledge to a boot gallery

I got myself bald-headed to impersonate Zizou

I had this as my laptop's wallpaper and get people laugh off me in the process

We ran, we fell, we laughed, we strived, then we laughed again

All that made evening the best part of my day

P.S. Please excuse my words. They are there to help myself expressing better. I just can’t take them out of my annoyance and resentment. One without the other is the eyes without the ears. Cheers.

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Friday, April 13, 2007
I got my hair cut last night. Thanks to the tangan hikmat of Adil, who happened to be somewhat a phenomena of Blok A (you have to book for his service a week before). And guess what, now you can see the resemblance of Stevie G and Zizou in me. Ha ha. Yes, I am bald. The last time I went hairless was in 1999, when I performed umrah, where it was somewhat a mandatory to trim your hair after perform certain umrah discipline. And now, people can't stop calling me Botak, which I never fancy to argue. Ha ha. Well, they might want to read this excerpt before judging any of my hairless facade,
"Bald men are more 'virile' or sexually active than others", Levels of free testosterone are strongly linkedto libido and also DHT levels, but unless free testosterone is virtually non-existent levels have not been shown to affect virility. Men with androgenic alopecia are more likely to have a higher baseline of free androgens.

Ha ha. Ganas!

P.S. Ha ha. Botak lah best.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
I was in English Club meeting the other day when I felt like surfing on, my favorite website to get at the moment football news and gossips. Having being a fan for for nearly a decade, I have so much of respect to the team of journalists and author for coming up with genius thoughts and brilliant insights on the world of football. But that night, really made me laugh, and they did it big time.

Typo it was, and it was on the front page! And it was the headline I was talking about, where they misspelled the name of the team I hated most. But they say, a slip of the tongue (in this case, fingertips), is not a foul of the mind. Anyway, is still my favorite though and will always be.

P.S. I was hoping they spelt ASSien over Essien.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Merah merah belaka

Yellowish Reds did the stripping all week long. Thanks to this man,

Si Buncit, Si Dahi Luas, Si Bijak Pandai.

Yeah, a week full of reds stripping others standing in their way. Sadly, I wasn’t there in front of the tv to watch how Rafa’s side tamed down the team that tamed down Arsenal in the last sixteen turmoil, the Boeren, PSV Eindhoven because of a fucking chemistry lab reports in need to be handed in the next day, but I managed to log in early in the morning and found myself shouting of content alone in my class. Well, the name Boeren is because of their origin of provincial city and yes, it is ‘farmer’ if you direct-translate it. Of course, hungry Kop wouldn’t give a shitty damn. Three goals against the farmers, and it were two Kop starlets who stole the show, our own Julius Caesar and Mark Antony by the name of Stevie G and Jamie Carra.

"Skipper Gerrard became his side's highest ever scorer in the European Cup, while Carragher passed Phil Neal's record for the most appearances in the competition." - Daily Mirror
As solid as anyone would reckon, those two patriots were second to no one. They were everywhere, ushering ball and opposing attackers to less dangerous areas, tackling like a demon and screaming constantly at his team-mates. And it was great to see how they peak at the right place and at the right time. When the pressure is on, expect great things out of the Kop. Now, we have one foot on the semi-final tie and last night, a win over Reading at Madejski Stadium put us stay on the third place.

And credits also should be given to Peter Crouch and Steve Finnan for their outstanding performace over the week, with Crouchie netted thrice against the Gunners, and proved that he is a complete package, having used all his right and left foot, and of course, his head. And Finnan was rocking solid at right back all week long and no question over that he is one of Liverpool's most consistent performers this season. Credits and credits to newly signed Javier Mascherano, who was having tough time over the season, struggling with a struggling side, West Ham, before joining the ever established the Reds. He is the real Javier Mascherano we knew at the Olympics as he is dubbed as ‘monster of all players’ by Rafa Benitez after dazzling performance on his debut against Sheffield United and to put icing on the cake, the great Stevie G also tipped his hat off over Masche’s breathtaking hard-tackling and solid technique performance, which was indispensable in Red’s 4-0 riot over United.

I laughed when Alvaro Arbeloa, a Spaniard who just came into the Kop red force out of nowhere, scored a very important goal in the match. As rich as any American-owned club, Rafa Benitez had been given a cushioning cash from Gillette-Hicks, the emperor and empress. But instead of buying players with nice boots and nice resume, he chose players he has faith with (and players with murah murah price). Nicknamed as The Disease, Arbeloa is now reunited with Rafa Benitez, after spending years in Real Madrid C together, but now, only the color of the jerseys differ. Mourinho should learn something from this. Afterall, cash isn’t actually everything when you have a team full of loyal, enthusiastic and passionate players like Liverpool.

"All the players are important and I cannot talk about the situation of each player. It's better to talk to them. It's fair to say I am really pleased with my squad and would like to progress with all my players." - Rafa Benitez
And that’s why; you will never walk alone once you are one of the Reds.

P.S. I laughed, and who expect me to not to, when Man Utd and Arsenal picked up their two consecutive losses in a week. From chuckle to giggle before turning to a big ha ha ha for me.

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