Friday, January 07, 2011
Dear YBs, We are Watching You
When there's folly, there's him to put things back to the right place. Welcome back, Ku Ali.


This article is a friendly reminder to all those people who would like to think of themselves as our leaders and representatives in Parliament. We, the silent majority, are the ones holding true power in our country. Our lot do not associate ourselves with any political parties, and we jealously guard any indication of our political leanings. Thus, you will never see us at any of your campaigns or events. But we observe silently, and we are observing you very, very closely. We will not reprimand you now, but our judgments of you will be clear in the next general election. It is us who will determine whether you will retain your position or not. One thing is for certain, we will not permit persons of mediocre intelligence to represent us. That will be an insult to us, and we hate being insulted. So, if you, the so-called leaders, are smart, you will ponder deeply about the things mentioned here. Plan your next move and thread very, very carefully.

In this article, we will mention names of several individuals and organizations. We hope these persons and organizations will not view this as a personal attack. It is because you are very special, that we take the time to address you personally and give you some advice. In politics and in life, honest, sincere advice is worth more than gold. We hope you will respond maturely. Remember, we are silently watching.

The first issue that we would like to highlight is the attendance of non-Muslim Member of Parliaments (MPs) at mosque activities. To all those who are strongly opposed to the presence of non-Muslims in mosques, you should really widen your horizons and do a bit more travelling. All over the world mosques are open to everyone, regardless of belief. They are tourist attractions and resource centers, places where people can come to understand Islam a bit better.

However, there are etiquettes and proper conduct that is expected when one visits places of worship. The attire worn must be appropriate and respectful of the sanctity of the place. And what is deemed proper and appropriate at the place of worship must be based on the teaching of the associated faith. We would like to take this opportunity to enlighten YB Teo Nie Ching and other leaders about the Islamic dress code. In Islam, women are expected to cover their whole body, except their hands and faces, with loose-fitting garments. Men are expected to cover themselves between the knee and navel, but conventionally and practically more is covered by wearing proper long pants and shirts.

We had reviewed the photos of YB Teo Nie Ching participating in aerobics at the mosque compound. The fact is, YB, the white tee you were wearing was tight and it did not cover the lower part of your arm. And it would be more appropriate if you had worn a cap, with your hair securely tucked under it. In the pictures there was a woman who was more appropriately attired for the occasion. You should review the picture and observe this lady, so as not to repeat this mistake again.

Frankly, we are more disappointed at the management of the mosque, for not enlightening this to you. We are also disappointed with your peers in PAS and UMNO, for failing to give you proper guidance with regard to proper Islamic dress code. Shame on them, for failing to handle the matter maturely.

As for you, YB Teo Nie Ching, and others wishing to visit places of worship, we commend your efforts to be closer to the community. However, we advise you to be aware of what is expected from you. You want to be leaders, so we set higher standards for you. You claim the media is twisting the truth into a many-headed monster. So, do not give them any opportunity to slight you. Be smart and sensible. We expect more from you. Remember, we are silently watching.

Another issue that deserves highlighting is the strained relationship between certain state governments and the palace. Their Majesties the Sultans are the symbol of the people. By openly disrespecting them, you are, by extension, disregarding us. It is especially unwise to show open hostility to a Sultan who had continuously expressed sincere concern for the people and state.

The current crisis in Selangor is a case in point. YB Shuhaimi Hj. Shafiei had stated that His Majesty (HM) Tuanku Sultan of Selangor is not following unwritten convention by consenting to the appointment of the new Selangor State Secretary. It has to be stressed that the law is never obligated to be concerned about what is “unwritten.” If you do not agree with HM Tuanku, take a more diplomatic and tactful approach in handling the matter. We, the people, are not amused by the public fiasco this issue had caused. Put aside your differences and start working together for the rakyat. We do not have any immediate solution to the crisis, but we hope YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and the elected representatives in the Selangor Government will impress us with a solution soon. Good luck. We are observing closely.

YB Shuhaimi Hj. Shafiei had written in his blog about certain instances that he deemed as representative of the double standard practiced by the Federal Government. Read his blog for details. Space and time is at a premium here for us to indulge in his personal thoughts. The point that we stress here is, the more you accuse the other side of not following the rules, the more vigorously you have to appear to be playing by the book. Playing by the book leaves no concessions for “unwritten” conventions. You have to take the moral high ground, not lower yourself to the same level. How can you convince us you are better, then?

The closing remarks of a particular blog entry by YB Shuhaimi Hj Shafiei have an alarmingly arrogant tone. In the entry, he said the people will go against anyone who does what he pleased, be it a “raja yang berjiwa rakyat atau rakyat yang berjiwa raja.” As the rakyat, we can see both a “raja yang berjiwa rakyat” and several “rakyat yang berjiwa raja” at the moment. And we know who can champion our interest better. We advise YB Shuhaimi Hj. Shafiei to adopt a more respectful tone when referring to the palace and curb his arrogance. We are silently watching.

We are also not amused at individuals and organizations that are egging this conflict on. Having differing opinions with the palace does not constitute treason or “derhaka.” We are all thinking individuals and should be allowed to think for ourselves. It is very disgusting to see you using the palace and this crisis to gain political mileage. Suggesting a death sentence to whoever disagrees with the palace, eh? Have some respect for human lives. Have a heart. Have a brain. Be mature and sensible. We are silently watching.

To PERKASA and such groups, we urge you to calm down and try to think before you act. Nobody listens of respects an emotional argument. You must learn to talk coherently, in a mature, respectable, calm manner. Dato’ Ibrahim Ali, please brush up your English, especially when you consent to be interviewed by the international media. Ridiculing yourself on an international level will not help your cause. An affective statement strikes at the heart of the matter without resorting to emotional outburst of profanities. We sincerely hope that you will improve yourself. The Malays are not emotional, unthinking thugs. So stop portraying their image as such.

On another note, as the government is suggesting an increased monitoring of the production of horror films due to their so-called “danger” to the people’s faith, we would like the government to extend this effort to curbing the production of ridiculously stupid local movies. Such movies are a “danger” to the mentality of the masses, and frankly speaking, an insult to our intelligence. We are much smarter than you think.

We hope our advice and observations will help those concerned plan their future strategy. We should not have to remind you of such things if you are real, intelligent leaders that put us first before your political careers. There are many other grievances that we did not mention here. We expect you to figure them out for yourselves. Be smart and thread very carefully. We are watching closely, and judging. Best of luck, YBs!

Ku Ali


Remember the name, it's Ku Ali. In case you have forgotten already.

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  • At 07 January, 2011 19:43, Anonymous Anonymous

    honestly brilliant.

  • At 12 January, 2011 02:25, Anonymous Anonymous


  • At 12 January, 2011 07:08, Anonymous majin

    Love it bro. Good to know you are writing again.

  • At 23 January, 2011 16:50, Blogger M.M.

    Terbaik lah Ku Ali!

    MM likes this *click*

  • At 27 January, 2011 15:00, Anonymous Anonymous

    what a lot of bollocks.

    budak mentah tak paham erti sebenar dunia, nak pandai2 memandai.

    pi habiskan mengaji la dulu.

    what a sad predicament bila budak2 muda terpengaruh dgn ide songsang perkauman.

  • At 27 January, 2011 16:29, Anonymous Anonymous

    ^u mad?

  • At 29 January, 2011 00:25, Anonymous Anonymous

    To Anonymous #3,

    Tang mana perkauman tu? Habaq mai sikit. Ku Ali yang perkauman ka hang yang lambat dan tak berapa paham tulisan ni?

    What a sad predicament bila orang2 yang kononnya dewasa tak boleh lihat dunia dari sudut yang matang.

    Tolong balas yea, tang mana perkauman tu?

  • At 30 January, 2011 07:15, Anonymous habib

    nilah dia kalau dok asyik buat benda tak senonoh, gila benda lucah, gila perempuan seksi, dok melancap memanjang. solat lima waktu tak pernah cukup. habis kotor otak.

    lepas tu boleh pulak sibuk pasal politik. sibuk pasal raja2. sibuk pasal Perkasa. sibuk pasal Teo masuk masjid. kamu masjid pun masa solat jumaat baru nak pergi, hah betul tak tekaan saya? entah2 tak solat jumaat. hampas.

    dah tu, kamu tulis pula dalam bahasa penjajah. hebat sangat la kamu ni? dah bagus sangat sampai tak nak guna bahasa sendiri? kamu jawab.

    cermin diri dulu, budak. kamu melalak di blog, twitter, semua tin kosong. sampah sarap.

    budak muda sekarang semuanya tak berguna.

  • At 30 January, 2011 12:16, Anonymous Anonymous

    To Habib,

    Ooo...jadi semua budak muda zaman sekarang tak berguna kata kau. Yelah, yang berguna orang dari generasi kau sajalah kan? Bergunalah sangat! Tengoklah cara kau berfikir, tak membina langsung. Aku harap orang lain yang segenerasi kau lebih matang dari ini, kalau tak hancur dunia.

    Nak berdebat pun bijak la sikit Habib oi. Kau kenal ke penulis ni, yang kau boleh tuduh dia macam-macam? Takde sikit pun kita boleh tahu pasal hidup peribadi dia daripada tulisan ni. Kau kalau nak debat, debatlah pasal isi tulisan ni, benda yang nyata kau boleh nampak. Peribadi penulis siapa pun tak tahu. Jadi jangan buat fitnah sesuka hati, tak pasal-pasal dosa sendiri yang menimbun.

    Ikut suka dia la dia nak tulis dalam bahasa apa pun. Kau ingat rugi ke bangsa Melayu kalau kita pandai guna bahasa selain bahasa kita? Inilah contoh semangat perkauman yang tak bertempat. Kalau kita nak maju kita kena kuasai banyak bahasa, termasuklah bahasa penjajah. Kau tak nak memajukan diri, itu hal engkau. Kalau nanti kau tak boleh bersaing tanggung sendiri.

    Apa pun Habib, lain kali tolonglah bagi komen yang bijak sikit. Apa faedahnya memperbodohkan diri sendiri di dunia maya, untuk ditertawakan oleh masyarakat umum?

  • At 06 May, 2011 23:58, Anonymous Anonymous

    Ini mungkin dah terlambat, tapi saya hendak memberi sedikit pendapat.

    Saudara 'anonymous' 30 Januari 2011 12:16 (dan yang terdahulu),

    Saya percaya anda sudah lihat komen anda berkali-kali sebelum menerbitkannya di blog ini. Saya tahu anda ingin membela Izham, namun apakah anda perlu bertindak seperti harimau untuk melawan harimau? :)

    Agak malang, anda terlalu mudah termakan perangkap provokasi oleh Habib and the gang. Saya rasa Habib dan rakan2nya mungkin dah gelak terbahak2 melihat komen balas saudara.

    Haa...lepas ni janganlah marah saya pula. Saya juga berdarah muda, namun saya bijak mengawal amarah saya. :)

    ~Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita~


    Izham, habislah hang. Lepas ni tulis kasi sopan beb. Gambar awek hot dah tak boleh taruk dowh. Keh3x... :D

    -pembaca senyap-