Monday, September 03, 2012
There are two kinds of writer. There are ones who plan everything before they put their pen on their paper, detailing every particulars of their characters - personality profile of some sorts - and maybe with specific plot diagrams akin to a storyboard on their wall.

There are others who believe that the whole point of writing is making it up as they go along, like a traveler without a map or a scout without a compass. This is the kind who would take the risk of maybe having a wonderful ending with boring plot progression or otherwise.

I am a bit of both. I plan my writing but I don't really follow what I schedule for myself. I am a stubborn writer. The meticulous writer in me has been having a duel with the adventurous one for years and I think they haven't really reached a fair compromise yet.

I have been reading Jorge Luis Borges' works to understand writers' infamous Jekyll and Hyde plight of having a split personality. It has long become a custom for a writer to conform with the rest of the fellowship with such behaviour and every writers have accepted that the plight allows them to have a second life.

It's scary but I don't buy any of it.

Writing is not a mean to escape the realities of life. It draws someone closer to appreciate life's little lessons. That is why I don't see a point to detach the person you are with the writer inside you.

They should be the same person, because they are.

But wait, I am not a writer. I just blog.
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