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The Myth of Indispensability

Ah, 2013 was fun. Watch out 2014, Ku Ali is back.


Whoever surrounds themselves with nodding heads, will develop an unrealistic, inflated sense of self. This inflated self worth will eventually make them believe in the myth of indispensability, leading them to talk and act in a senseless manner, which brings no benefit to anyone, including themselves. For they believe that they may do as they like, and no repercussions strong enough to dislodge them may come. Perhaps, it will do this Nation a lot of good, to remind everyone, that everyone is dispensable.
As we see it, some politicians have a strong conviction that they are indispensable. We will provide some examples here. We hope those concerned will take heed and do whatever is necessary and improve their behaviours. You are constantly being watched.

A Selangor State Assemblyman had resigned, leaving that constituency vacant and up for grabs. The De Facto Leader of an opposition party had been forwarded as a candidate to fill the vacancy. (We have always been puzzled by this designation. Why is he ‘De Facto’, rather than just ‘Leader’? What are his powers, and what are those of the President? Does he call all the shots? If so, what’s the use of the President? It’s all very confusing)

A strategist for that opposition party had come forward to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the by-election. We approve his humble confession of his party dragging the Rakyat into this mess. We also approve of him taking responsibility over the fiasco, rather than dodging the bullet. There is virtue in that.

However, let’s not forget that the apology also means that we Rakyat are mere chess pieces played and sacrificed at will by politicians, to achieve their goals. Let’s not be blind to that. We must always remember to take that fact into consideration when we deliver our verdict of these ‘statesmen.’

The MP of Gombak was less reserved in polishing the boots of the De Facto Leader. He was reported saying that Kajang Residents should be grateful that the De Facto Leader is willing to grace the constituency by participating in the by-election. What a smart thing to say, especially after forcing an unwanted by-election on the Rakyat. There is no need for the Rakyat to be grateful to any hypothetical State Assemblyman, especially since he had not yet won the seat, and had yet to contribute anything to the constituency.  This is exactly the kind of senseless remarks that will come out of a politician who thinks himself indispensable. It discredits him, his De Factor Leader, his party, and it definitely is insulting to the Rakyat. One wonders if the Gombak MP is merely daft, or he is consciously sabotaging the De Facto Leader. For the opposition’s sake, we hope he’s the former.

And on cue, as we have expected, the Gombak MP had accused the press of twisting his words. The same old excuse of “I never said that. The press ‘misinterpreted’ what I said’. This is very cowardly. Politicians must grow some spine and stand by their words, whether popular or not. Take some responsibility.

However, to be fair, there is a possibility that the press had exaggerated the statements. Since both politicians and the press do not have sterling track records of telling the truth. Perhaps each party can initiate a libel suit against the other. Then a proper investigation and verdict on who defamed whom can be made. Ideally, the defaming party should be sued to bankruptcy, so as to be a lesson to all others on the futility of spreading falsehood. Perhaps then, Malaysian politics can progress beyond the smear exchanges it is now.

The Federal Territories Minister also exhibited some senseless behaviour not so long ago. He was reported as saying that the slightly cheaper RON95 petrol should be reserved for the poor. If this report was true, the move will create another point of division among an already divided society. Division between the haves and haves-slightly-less. The minister did not explain how the poor will be classified, and how the plan would be implemented. The injustice in prohibiting certain sections of society access to RON95 is that the funds used to subsidize the fuel come from those who pay tax, who mostly won’t be classified as poor. Inequality, in whatever form, should never be made a policy.

And, as the Gombak MP had done, the Federal Territories Minister also chose to blame the press for the faux pas. In this, politicians on both sides of the bench are the same.

We hope the people of Kajang will think clearly in making their decision. For better or worse, they will decide.

Just remember, the De Facto Leader, who had always talked about being and representing the Rakyat, made such a fuss when he was treated like an ordinary Rakyat not too long ago. He clearly saw himself to be special, making him worth a conspiracy involving two countries.

When he was refused entry into Japan, for not having the right papers, he went to BCC and spoke as if Japan had insulted 52% of the Malaysian electorate by refusing him entry. In actual fact, he was the one who had insulted Japan, a sovereign country which have the right to deny entry to any non-citizens, especially when they do not have the right papers. Rather than treating this as a private matter, he had to threaten Malaysia-Japan diplomatic ties, because of course, he is no ordinary Rakyat. He thinks himself indispensable.

Knowing the work ethics of the Japanese as compared to any politician, it is easier for us to believe the explanation of the Japanese authorities, rather than the whines of a politician.
And, Datuk Seri, we, the 52% you were talking about, are not insulted by Japan. We are insulted by the way you tried to smear Japan’s image. We are infinitely embarrassed by how your boys behaved in front of the Japanese embassy, and we resent them for trying to claim they represent our views. Insulting a sovereign country over personal matters is not something Malaysians are proud of.

We wonder what was going on in the heads of these grown men that enabled them to behave as they did, without feeling ridiculous. Perhaps our education system had failed to produce straight thinking individuals. Instead, it seems we have lots of emotional ‘cows’ who follow and support everything blindly.

On that matter, we do not agree that the teacher who treated his students like animals should be merely transferred to another school. Anyone who abuses children, whether physically or mentally must never be allowed to work in education. Children are our future. It is senseless to expose this nasty person to another school. Nobody is indispensable.

Perhaps, the reason our politicians do not feel the need to behave, is that we Malaysians are easily placated with a mere apology. Whenever they step out of line, this and that group will demand apology, and when it is tendered, the issue is forgotten. Perhaps the Rakyat should learn to have more self worth, and make these people pay whenever they insult us. And always remind them who put them in office. Perhaps, when we become less forgiving, they will act less like clowns.

In the current situation that we are in now, no one should expect to be safe from dismissal. If a Chief Minister who had managed his State rather well still risks being replaced by a De Facto Leader of an opposition party, why should other non-performing individuals be allowed to feel indispensable?

One of the main purposes of democracy is that if leaders are ineffective, there is a mechanism to remove them legally and without fuss. Perhaps all those sitting in Parliament should be reminded of this principle.

Get your act together. Everyone is dispensable.


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