Thursday, June 18, 2015
Democratic Malaysia?
He's having some trouble sleeping. Are you okay, Ku Ali?


Recently, ordinary Malaysians were told by the Minister of Tourism and Culture that a certain former Prime Minister had no right to ask the current Prime Minister to clarify matters of national and public interest in a public debate. The Minister asked, “So, why would my PM stoop so low to a normal citizen?”

The same Minister had also warned HRH the Crown Prince of Johor not to make any comments on national politics. This is in response to HRH’s comment “How can you have a dialogue called Nothing2Hide featuring a person who has everything to hide? Obviously he won’t show up.”

So, according to this Minister, neither normal citizen nor royalty can question his beloved Prime Minister? It is quite extraordinary that in a government that insists it is democratic, apparently no one is entitled to voice their opinions.

Now, Minister, let us ordinary Malaysians enlighten you about a few things you might have forgotten since you became a minister. This country Malaysia belongs to the people of Malaysia. We are not lowly citizens and your Prime Minister is not that high and mighty. It is through our consent that your Prime Minister, his Cabinet (which includes you) and the Opposition can sit in Parliament. Or would you now like to deny that you were voted into your position by us?

And we, ordinary citizens of Malaysia, have every right to demand explanation from your Prime Minister, or any other politician, whenever things seem shady. This is especially valid since he had decided to “invest” public funds (our money) in a company that is failing. He does not have a choice anymore whether or not to explain to the public about it. If he continues to keep mum, it is his integrity and political survival that is at stake.

Prime Minister Najib, please come clean. Whatever the outcome, at least you would have the saving grace of being brave enough to be truthful, which is your duty anyways.

Prime Minister Najib, it is unfortunate that you have surrounded yourself with apple polishers. Your apple polishers make you blind to the realities of the nation. They give you the wrong advise, and their fanatical ass kissing damage your government.

We, the Malaysian public, are sick of unintelligent and unfeeling ministers. We don’t understand why we have ministers who had told us to shut up, to just don’t take the toll road if we can’t afford it, who wanted to turn a mass grave into a tourist attraction etc. Although you did not make these statements yourself, those who made them are seen to represent you. Ultimately, it is your reputation that is damaged.

So, Prime Minister Najib, we advise you to reevaluate who you choose to surround yourself with. Discard the sweet-mouthed yes-men and start surrounding yourself with intelligent, frank, advisors. Listen to the people, and do your duty to the nation. Stop hiding. Do not be afraid of the truth.

We want Malaysia to work. And if you are truly your father’s son, you would want the same too.

By the way, a Deputy Minister famous for his GST-free fried rice recipe had blamed Tun Mahathir for the continued decline of the Ringgit. If that is true, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, who had said that he was very happy with the falling value of the Ringgit, should thank the grand old man. It is so disappointing that our ministers would say anything (no matter how obviously stupid or ridiculous it is), just to get some attention. So desperate.

Malaysians, we deserve better. This country deserves better. Let us tell our politicians that we are not lowly citizens. Let us remind our politicians, whether from the Government or Opposition that Malaysia belongs to us.

And if they try to silence us, let’s deny them their voice in Parliament in the next election.


Remember the name, it's Ku Ali. In case you have forgotten already.

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